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When I’m kidnapped, abused, and thrown into a cage to slaughter other innocent women, I become a slave to their will.

But I’m no victim. I will forge myself a crown out of the bones of those who have hurt me.

When I escape the clutches of evil, I find myself surrounded by the leather-clad wall of a biker gang.

When Savage finds me swaying in the shadows and lays claim to me, do I dare to wish for a better life? One with him.

True to his name, he savages without thought but his demons recognise my own.

No princess lives here, but can he accept that I’m darkness personified?


I’ve lived my life surrounded in the bleak abyss. A hollow man.

I’m President of the Kings Wolves MC and a hard man to love. When self doubt eats at me, I hide it well within the weight of my fist.

When Maleia lands at my feet, an angel bathed in the flames of Hell, I know she’s mine.

Those eyes of hers beseech the voice of a tortured soul and it devastates me.

I’ll never be good enough for her, but I’m too selfish a man to let her go.

Together we might slay her demons, but can she handle mine?

Trigger Warning-

Dark themes and tragic stories. My work will always be on the darker side, with happily-devil-afters. Degrees of dark and tragic vary. Soft to hard. I have no middle ground. There are no boundaries. It’s where the story takes me. No cheating, my heroines would eat their Alphas and then there would be no story. Know your worth! We’ll love you anyway. I write paranormal fairy tales and dark romance for the dark hearted. Queen’s in black kicking ass and King’s on their knees, worshiping their women. And only their women. M/F

So my question, will you take immortality by the hand? XOX- Emmaleigh.

Savage is book one in the interconnecting standalone series- King’s Wolves MC