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Nobody thinks that a pretty woman holds dark secrets, but then again, the world only sees what we allow it to.
I was raised by very bad people.
I learned to do very bad things—things that others would see as depraved.
I was fine living my life in the shadows, going unseen…
Until he stepped from the abyss.
When Stitch first saw me, something in his psychotic and misunderstood mind claimed me as his.
He stole me.
Captured me.
Consumed me and refused to let me go until I loved him.
It wasn’t that hard. But now my past is knocking, and my crazy man is about to find out that I don’t need protection from anyone.
Least of all from those I grew up with.
He stitched me back together, but now, he must watch as I unravel.
Can he handle the true me?

I’m sick. I’m twisted. I care for nothing.
I’m violent, psychotic, and broken.
No amount of stitches can stop my black heart from weeping.
I found her in a crowd. She thinks that I don’t see the demons that she hides.
I follow, I stalk, I consume.
I take her from the world that she once knew.
I don’t understand why she fights, but I know that I’ll never let her go.
It’s her darkness which lures me in.
It will be my darkness which makes her stay.

Trigger Warning-
Dark themes and tragic stories. My work will always be on the darker side, with happily-devil-afters. Degrees of dark and tragic vary. Soft to hard. I have no middle ground. There are no boundaries. It’s where the story takes me. No cheating, my Heroines would eat their Alphas and then there would be no story. Know your worth! We’ll love you anyway. I write paranormal fairy tales and dark romance for the dark hearted. Queen’s in black kicking ass and King’s on their knees, worshiping their women. And only their women. M/F.
So my question, will you take immortality by the hand? XOX- Emmaleigh.

Please note this is not a Paranormal series, however in one or more books there may be Paranormal aspects as the character ‘Ouija’ is a seer.

This is book three in the interconnecting Kings Wolves MC series.